Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yeah Pedro is going to be dramatic but...

As one of the biggest Pedro Martinez fans that you will ever meet in your life, I am nervous about tonight's game.

Yankee bats aren't going to stay quiet two games in a row.

And the Dodger bats that Pedro quieted were not nearly as intimidating as the Yankee edition.

Plus there is the whole Daddy thing.

Besides, I think another left hander against this Yankee lineup would go a long way.

They have J. A. Happ waiting in the wings, and he pitched well in his lone start at Yankee Stadium (before *SURPRISE* Brad Lidge coughed it up.)

And besides, wouldn't there be a wonderful symmetry for Happ to go up against Burnett?

J. A. vs. A. J.!!!

It would be like a Sesame Street game!

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