Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey... did anyone else notice the Phillies have a chance to repeat?

Will ANYONE give the Phillies any respect?

Heck, 24 ESPN experts gave their post season picks and NOT ONE had the Phillies repeating. Howard Bryant, Jerry Crasnick, Eric Karabell, Keith Law, Eric Neel and Gene Wojciechowski (I think I got that right) picked the Phillies to win the pennant... but repeating? Nahhh.

Of that group, only Steve Phillips picked a team other than the Yankees or Red Sox in the World Series. He picked the Angels and no doubt whispered that into the ear of a 22 year old assistant, but I digress.

People are already talking as if the Yankees World Series title is a forgone conclusion even though they still need to beat the Angels one more time.

And the Phillies are an afterthought.

Aren't they the defending World Champs? Didn't they take down a hot Colorado team and a Los Angeles team with the best record in the National League, going 7-2 in the process?

And basically if they are counted out, wouldn't that mean the Defending World Champions would be playing with no pressure?

I'm sure that's EXACTLY the situation they want.

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  1. I predicted the Phillies would return to World Series...but I also said your Red Sox would beat them... oh well.