Thursday, October 01, 2009

Twins... here's a tip

Seriously. Thanks for winning today and making this final weekend count for something. 

If the Twins win tomorrow, they will guarantee that the last Saturday of the season will be meaningful.

But take your pal Sully's advice:

Next year... get off to a good start.

Seriously, those games at the beginning of the season count just as much as the ones at the end.

In 2008, the Twins were 3 games under .500 on June 5.
They came back and finished the season tied with the White Sox and lost the 1 game playoff 1-0.

If they started off even at .500, they would have won enough games to be the AL Central champs.

This year they were 6 games under .500 in mid August... and are now clawing to stay in contention.

Seriously, get out of the gate better! 
Whatever is going on in spring training isn't translating. And you had better hope it isn't a weather factor, because next year you are playing outdoors in Minnesota.

Win early and maybe you can play games in October and November in Minnesota (as pictured below.)

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