Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's over

The ALCS is over.

It's done.

This game, like Saving Private Ryan, was a classic with a crappy ending.

The Angels needed to win that game in order for this series to have any relevance. And they came close.

Kevin Dyson got close to the end zone in that Super Bowl too.

Izturis went to second for reasons that future historians will never be able to figure out and here we are...

A classic Yankee hater nightmare. Like that Twins extra inning game 2 in the NLDS, the game slipped away as will any chance of the Yankees not winning the pennant.

Get used to it rest of the world. Alex Rodriguez will be playing in his first World Series. There will be chanting for a 27th title and it is now up to the Phillies or the Dodgers to keep that from happening.

These next two games in Anaheim (there won't be 3 in Anaheim) are merely a formality. A chance to end the series outside of a rainstorm.

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