Friday, October 16, 2009

So many blown saves... and none by Brad Lidge

Going into this post season the biggest ticking time bomb from the bullpen was of course Brad Lidge.

He was so awful this year that not only did I think his 2008 success was a result of a deal with the Devil... but I also suggested leaving him off of the post season roster all together.

So if you told me a one game playoff would be blown when the losing team was 3 outs from winning and that all four Division Series losers would blow a game where they were 3 outs from winning (three were 1 out from winning) and an NLCS game would be blown with an 8th inning implosion, I'd just assume Lidge was somehow involved.

Like when Belloq was looking at the exploded plane in Raiders of the Lost Ark and muttered "Jones."

Nope... we had Fernando Rodney cough up the division to the Twins.
We had Ryan Franklin GET the third out except it hit Matt Holliday in the balls.
We had Joe Nathan forget to throw strikes until he unleased Alex Rodriguez: Playoff hero.
We had Huston Street blow a chance to actually have a 5th game of the Division Series.
And of course we had Jonathan Papelbon with a 2 run lead, 2 outs, nobody on facing the bottom of the line up.

And today we had every Phillies pitcher EXCEPT Lidge pitch to a batter or two in a bizarre 2 run 8th inning that featured infield bunt singles, botched throws and bases loaded walks.

It was an exceptional team meltdown...

And no sign of Lidge blowing a save anywhere.
Either there was a loop hole in the contract with the devil or man oh man are we up for a doozy of a collapse later this post season.

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