Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Missing something, Mike?

This off season, I am going to do a bunch of posts on Sully Baseball about baseball cards and some of my favorite ones.

But I am going to jump the gun a little bit and break out this beauty... a 1977 Topps Card of Mike Torrez.

Now this was before Torrez was a Yankee and clinched the 1977 World Series.
This was before he served up Bucky Dent's homer.
This was before he basically derailed Dicky Thon's career.

Here he was, a member of the A's... part of the bounty from Baltimore from the Reggie Jackson trade.

Now I love the posed pictures that Topps used to do and this one is a beaut.

In the empty stadium, Mike is clearly asked to pose in midwindup. I am guessing this is before a game... but then again the A's drew fewer than 800,000 fans that year, so this might very well be during a game.

He of course is doing it along the first baseline. Why not on the mound? Or at least in the bullpen?

But my favorite element to how lazy this picture is... where's his hat?

Seriously. We know this isn't an action photo, but would it have KILLED Mike to put his damn hat on?

Then again look at that beautiful mane of blow dried hair.

I guess putting a bright green lid on that would mess it up!

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