Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vlad Impaled

Maicer Izturis is probably going to be the goat for tonight's game. Throwing an easy ball away and not taking the sure out at first base, costing your team the game will do that to you.

But the staff at Sully Baseball all agree the true goat is Vlad Guerrero.

In a 13 inning one run game, he left 8 men on base.


How is that even possible?

I'll tell you how it is possible... you keep batting with the bases loaded and swinging at pitches that even Eric Gregg would have called a ball during the Livan Hernandez game.

He had the bases loaded, 2 outs and a tie game at one point... he swung at one pitch that he had to lunge over the plate to foul off and struck out with a ball in the dirt.

Hey Vlady, I know I shouldn't give advice to you, a former MVP, but here it is anyway.

When you find yourself lunging over the plate for a pitch, you should probably take it.
When you see a ball kicking up dirt faster than a gopher at Bushwood, maybe take it.

And if taking this pitches could mean taking the damn lead in a playoff game, then forget that whole free swinging reputation you have.

Just an idea.

(Isn't it great... against Papelbon he breaks the Red Sox backs, but against the Yankees he's 1-7 and was approaching double digits in the ole L.O.B. column.)

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