Saturday, August 04, 2007

As a father of twins, hear me out on this one

Beware of the Twins.
I'm not talking about my two boys... although I need to always beware when I take them outside that one tends to run towards danger in one direction while the other finds danger in the opposite direction.

Taking care of my kids can be like Superman choosing which missile to stop in Superman 1.

But I digress. No I'm talking about the Minnesota Twins. Back in March I predicted them to win the Central Division.
As recently as Friday the 27th of July, that looked like a horrible prediction.

They had fallen back to .500, were 9 games out of the Central lead and sliding on a 5 game losing streak.

And then they shipped off their starting second baseman, Luis Castillo, packing to the Mets for prospects.
The team was waving the white flag for the season.

And now a week later... they are only 5 back in the loss column of Detroit and Cleveland. And they have 8 games left with Cleveland and games left with Detroit.

They are angry because management gave up on the season.
And they are talented, with Santana, Mauer, Hunter, Nathan and Morneau all still cashing checks.

Angry talented teams are dangerous.

And the Twins haven't been playing earth shattering baseball.
It's just that the Tigers and Indians have been really rotten.

The Tigers looked like they might repeat as AL champs, but not after dropping 8 of their last 10.

And with the Twins win over the Indians today, the tribe looks vulnerable... ESPECIALLY with their lousy bullpen. (Remind me why they didn't go after Gagne or Dotel!)

Remember how badly the Indians stumbled at the end of the 2005 season, costing them a playoff spot after they couldn't beat the Devil Rays nor White Sox once in the last week?

Remember how the Tigers cost themselves the division title after being swept by Kansas City of all teams?

If those two teams repeat their el foldos from the last two years, you may see Minnesota sneak back into the dance.

And the Twins may just overwhelm their opponents.
As a father of twins, I know... don't take your eyes off them for a second!

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