Monday, August 13, 2007

Nice Job, Indians... way to play with pride

Way to go... seriously Indians! You showed as much heart as the Tin Man this weekend!

Think about it. On July 20th, the Indians trailed the Tigers by only two games. When suddenly, the Tigers went on a 6-15 skid. So how did the Indians take advantage of this gift from the baseball gods? They sputtered to a 9-11 record.
They took the lead, but basically by default.
They looked lifeless... but who came to town this weekend?

The big bad Yankees... on an unreal tear of their own, but facing tomato cans.

The Division leading Indians were their first test in a while...
A chance to slow down the Yankees train, solidify their lead and show that they belong in the pennant chase.

And how did they do before 3 straight sellouts?
They were swept... they didn't even show up.

The one time they had a chance in any game, they trailed by 4 in the 7th of game 3... but loaded the bases with nobody out.

And Jhonny Peralta, who clearly was born before the days of spellcheck, was picked off first.

I was listening to the Cleveland broadcasters and they tore Peralta a new one...

As did the fans as the Indians only managed 1 run in the "rally."

Now Detroit's pitching is getting healthier and the Indians, after going a combined 1-6 against the Red Sox and Yankees, show that they don't belong in a playoff discussion.

The fans in Cleveland better start thinking about the Cavaliers now.
These Indians are going nowhere

And the wait goes on for Cleveland fans. 1964 and counting...

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