Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I admit... I got too much pleasure out of last night's Yankee loss

I admit I am a classic Yankee hater. I'm not someone who hates Yankee fans just because for their team, but I do enjoy watching the Yankees lose.

Sometimes too much.

And I enjoy thinking about Yankee fans squirming.

Maybe it came from living in New York for 15 years and getting it from the Yankee fans... hearing the 19-18 chant, the "Who's Your Daddy?" and all of that B.S.

Yankee fans now claim they were classier all of these years. Funny, I guess I kept bumping into the few arrogant classless fans by a fluke all those 15 years.

Last night's loss was the kind that I can't turn my head away from... like watching the latest news about Lindsay Lohan or a show counting down the best TV shows of the 80s... I don't like to admit it, but I'm hooked.

And I'm equally hooked at reading the articles this morning of doom and gloom. It's fun to see the Yankees squirm. And squirm they did!

Mike Mussina was pitching for his career and needed to be a horse. Now the Yankees are trying to work out a deal with a glue factory.

It was a fascinating blowout... one where Mussina let up 6 runs in 3 innings and you get the sense he was lucky it was that few. Melky Cabrera's first inning running catch saved what could have been an inside the park grand slam.

I heard the first part of the game on my XM where Rudy Guiliani visited the Tigers booth (and the Tigers announcer kept calling him Governor Guiliani)... and Rudy couldn't even mask his disgust of the team.

Torre put out the human white flag, Sean Henn, to close out the game... and then 8 hits, 5 walks and 9 runs later, had to take HIM out. I guess out of pity.

It was a game where the Yankee hater in me got pleasure in seeing their offense sputter and their pitching staff letting up pumpkins.

In a way, this was the best way for the Yankees to lose going into the Red Sox series... they didn't need to use Rivera or Chamberlain and they were humiliated to the point where you know they will come up big tonight.

I still don't care. It was great to watch.

I watched the second half of the game at my gym. I had it on a TV and someone asked me if I was watching the game. I said "Yes!" with the same intensity of someone watching their favorite show.

I guess "Yankee massacre" is my favorite show.

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