Friday, August 10, 2007

OK... I'll admit... that one hurt

The only good thing about tonight is I went out to dinner with my wife, my parents, my mother in law, my kids and 2 of my best friends. We had a FANTASTIC dinner at Osteria, my favorite restaurant in Palo Alto.

And because we were out last night, I didn't experience the emotional ups and downs of the Sox taking a 5-1 lead in the 8th, only to have our new shiny trading deadline toy cough it up.

Oh yeah, the Yankees beat up a team that wasn't a tomato can!

If the Red Sox somehow fall apart and miss the playoffs, this will be the game I look back to... and say "That one got away!"

In 2005, the game was September 21...
The Red Sox had a 4-3 lead in the 8th on the Devil Rays with two outs and a man on base. Wakefield was taken out, Timlin came in and let up 4 straight hits and the Devil Rays won 7-4.

The Sox lost the game and the series. They finished the season tied with the Yankees but were the Wild Card team because the Yankees won the season series 10-9.

That game in Tampa makes me grind my teeth. We could have been the division champion that year and avoided the White Sox for at least a round... maybe have a better shot of winning back to back titles.

Best way to get over this?
Win tomorrow!

We're still winning the division this year.
I'm not in that parallel universe yet!

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  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    hahahahahaha! Our proudest moment!

    -A Rays Fan

    PS Wanna buy a Dukes?