Tuesday, August 14, 2007


With the Twins losing 5 in a row and making my prediction that they would be a factor in the Division Race looking really bad... the AL Central is turning into a 2 horse race. And the way they've been playing recently, the Indians and the Tigers seem to be galloping towards the glue factory.

They have stumbled and bumbled to this point, showing neither pride nor mercy to Jim Leyland's lungs.

And they find themselves waking up on August 14th tied and playing each other for two games.

No better time to figure out who I should be rooting for.

First Criteria: Which city is nicer? Man, it is so tough comparing two glamorous garden spots like Detroit and Cleveland. I've been to both cities. Cleveland was dull but my dad and I had our car doors locked in Detroit while we were driving... on the highway!

Second Criteria: Which team has the better gruff talk talking no nonsense manager with a mustache?
Indians manager Lou Brown was awesome... but he's just a character in Major League. Jim Leyland is the real McCoy!


Third Criteria: Sticking to movies, which team had the better on screen battery?
Not even close!
Jake Taylor catching and Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn out of the pen meant a division title in Major League!
Kevin Costner and John C. Reilly (who knows what their names were) were just playing out the string in For Love of the Game.

Fourth Criteria: How many players on the team have called Joe Torre a racist?
The Tigers have Gary Sheffield, but the Indians have Kenny Lofton who agreed with Sheffield.

Fifth Criteria: Which logo is more racist?

Take a good long look at the Indians logo at the top of this posting.
And remind yourself that it is the year 2007.
Kind of amazing, isn't it?

Sixth Criteria: Whose fans have suffered more?

Let's think about this... The Pistons and the Red Wings both have won championships this decade and Cleveland has had nothing to celebrate since 1964 except Drew Carey being named Price is Right host... and even HE got hurt!


Sixth Criteria: Which city gave us better music?

Hmmm. Motown or Rock N Roll... we need a clearer criteria.

More Specific Sixth Criteria: Which city gave us a cooler female rock star from the 1980s?

I know Detroit's Madonna is a bigger star and her records are more successful and she is one of the great stars of the last few decades... but this is MY blog and I say Cleveland's Chrissie Hynde is cooler.

That's It!
The Pretenders are the tipping point!

Racist hat or not, you HAVE to root for Cleveland!

1964 was a long time ago.

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