Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I have nothing profound to say about Barry Bonds hitting home run number 756. Everyone else in the world is fretting how it will be remembered, how it will affect the gross national product, the war on terror etc.

I was changing my son's diaper when he hit it, so I literally had other crap on my mind.

But let's talk about the guy who caught it...
And the guy who caught A Rod's 500th home run while we are at it.

You are going to hear a lot of people saying stuff like "They should give the ball back" and "For the good of the game, put it in Cooperstown." Some holier than thou people say "I'd give it back for free."

And you can equate all of this with the droppings from a bull's rear side.

My advice for Sonny Kowalczyk (who caught A-Rod's ball) and Matt Murphy (who caught Bonds' ball)... sell it to the highest bidder!

Seriously, why should these young kids give this away? So A-Rod could have it in his collection? The guy makes $25 mil a year! Fork over some dough to the kid! Or at least give the kid season tickets behind home plate!

Cooperstown wants Barry's ball? Pay up!
Out bid everyone at Sothebys!

Or else ask Barry for a helmet, jock strap or syringe!

If you won the Lottery, are you supposed to donate the money to Donald Trump's new casino project? Or hairstyle?

Get your money!
You earned it!

Those tickets weren't free and neither is a ticket to the Hall of Fame.

Then again, my friend, the brilliant comic Jonathan Corbett has another suggestion.

"I'd give the ball to the Hall of Fame... but only after I signed it! That's it Barry, WE'RE going to the Hall of Fame!"

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