Monday, August 27, 2007

What the heck happened to the White Sox?

When did the White Sox become an easier opponent than the Devil Rays?

When did the White Sox become worse than the Royals?

Last August 14th, the White Sox were the defending World Champions on a 5 game winning streak and a 71-46 record. They were behind the Tigers in the division race, but on pace to win 98 games and the Wild Card. And with Jim Thome making the lineup stronger and their deep pitching staff... they seemed a good bet to repeat as World Champs.

What happened? They went 19-26 the rest of the way, finished 3rd behind the Division Champion Twins and the eventual pennant winning Tigers.

But they still had a respectable 90-72 record and looked like contenders this year. I even picked them to win the Wild Card.

The fans are wearing bags on their heads.
They are on pace to be a 90 loss team. When your lineup and rotation get old at the same time... it can be ugly.

So what now?

I thought GM Kenny Williams was going to make a bunch of trades... thinking "We got the best we could out of this group, so let's get younger before we become the Orioles or Giants!"

And then went on to make no trades and sign his players to extensions.
Maybe Kenny is thinking this year was a fluke... the way 2006 saw the Indians take a huge step back, only to spring forward with a big 2007.

Maybe he sees that Buehrle, Vazquez and Garland are still under 30 and Bobby Jenks has developed into a solid closer and with that kind of young pitching... you might have one more shot at it.

I hope this doesn't mean the end for Ozzie Guillen. Baseball needs managers like Ozzie... a touch crazy, throwing the book out the window and calling up sports talk shows swearing like Tony Montana.

Give him another year, Kenny! He may call into a few more shows!

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