Friday, August 03, 2007

How am I doing on my vow?

Back in May, I vowed to write at least one entry about each team, to prevent this from being just another blog by a Red Sox fan bitching and moaning about the Sox and Yankees.

Let's see how I've been doing.

Of course I've talked about the Red Sox and Yankees to death.

I've also written a lot about the Giants, especially warning them not to become the Orioles.

I've asked the Orioles to go back to their smiling bird caps.

I've "celebrated" the greatest moments in Devil Rays history.

I've questioned if the A's actually play in a major league city.

I urged the Astros to cut bait with Brad Lidge.

I begged the Reds to deal Ken Griffey Jr.

Neither team listened to me.

I praised the fans of the Mariners for welcoming home Ken Griffey Jr.

I praised the Padres for picking up punching bag Michael Barrett.

I was confused and in awe of the Diamondbacks rebuilding process.

I was stunned that the Nationals didn't realize they needed to rebuild.

I encouraged the Pirates to go all in and then was confused that they waited until August to make their move.

And I went back to wonder what would have happened if the 1996 Rangers had a decent bullpen.

14 teams down... 16 to go.
Man, I thought I was more than half way through this.
And I haven't even TOUCHED the AL Central!

Better get writing.
I may want to get that Kansas City Royals entry out of the way NOW!

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  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Hey Bub, What about those Amazing Mets?
    And don't forget about da Brewers.
    I had a brat with secret stadium sauce on a visit to Miller Park Wednesday night. I lost $10 because the Polish Sausage won the race....