Thursday, August 30, 2007

To Quote Bill Murray in Scrooged...

"Boy did THAT suck!"

Our bats take a holiday, a good outing by Schilling is wasted and we can't chip a GAME off of the magic number?

I had all sorts of good old time Red Sox for the magic number count down...
Maybe I took too much pleasure out of the Yankee losses.

The bats were dead and the Yankees got all the right hits.
Jeez, this means they are probably going to make the playoffs and my dreams of having a Yankee-less October might be crumbling around me.

Time to focus, Red Sox. The Orioles stink but have been a pain in the butt all year. Win those games and move on.

Besides, I have pictures of Luis Tiant, Oil Can Boyd and Tony Armas I want to post!

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