Sunday, August 19, 2007

Who is Matt Holliday?

He's the guy who might very well win the National League Most Valuable Player... that's who he is!

Now I had heard of him before this year, but he seemed like just another talented hitter toiling in Colorado... padding his stats and never playing a meaningful game.

But here we are with about 40 games left to go in the season and somehow this guy has put together not only the best all around stats, but somehow is playing for a contending team!

The Rockies are only 3 back of the Wild Card and are that dangerous kind of team... the kind that nobody takes seriously and therefore has nothing to lose.

The Angels and Marlins each won a World Series this decade with that attitude.
And here is Colorado, with their humidor now making sure the game isn't played in zero gravity, boxing out for position with the slumping Dodgers, the all pitch/no hit Padres, the inconsistent Phillies and the playing with one hand around its neck Brewers.

The Rockies are one of those franchises that I just can never see winning a World Series... kind of like the Rangers and the Devil Rays. Hell, I can barely see them making the playoffs, save for the swinging from their heels 1995 Wild Card team.

But here they are.

Why count out the Rockies?
Especially with Matt Holliday batting .335 with 21 homers, 95 RBIs and a .967 OPS!

Seriously, who else should be MVP?
Pujols had a slow start and the Cardinals are still a sub .500 team, Rick Ankiel's heroics notwithstanding.

David Wright has been inconsistent, Ryan Howard has been hurt.

That leaves Jose Reyes, Prince Fielder and Matt Holliday.
They tend not to give it to speedsters like Reyes and the Billy Brewer isn't the only one in Milwaukee sliding... that leaves it to Holliday.

And it shows you that the National League is not lacking in young superstars (include Hanley Ramirez in that group as well.)

And it also shows you how badly baseball promotes its own stars.
Seriously, if Matt Holliday walked into your office tomorrow, would you know him?
If he was in full uniform and said "Hi, my name is Matt Holliday!" would you know him then.

Man, I should run this game.


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    does this count as your rockies post?

  2. If this doesn't count as a Rockies post, then I can't imagine what would