Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Doesn't matter what team you root for... that was good baseball!

The nanosecond Towers hit A-Rod with that pitch and the benches emptied and both teams were warned... the same thought went through everyone's head:

Holy Cow! Roger Clemens is pitching! He's going to throw at the next hitter!
Everyone knew he was going to do it. I was listening to the Toronto announcers and they were saying "I wonder if Roger can resist hitting a batter."

Which is like saying "I wonder if that shark can resist that wounded and bleeding seal?"

OF COURSE he was going to hit someone! That's his nature!

But I am guessing Torre had to pull him aside and say "Look, I know you are going to hit a guy. But our bullpen is kind of overworked. Can you wait until later in the game?"

And out of respect, he waited for the 7th inning to drill Rios between the numbers.

I know I'm a Red Sox fan and I'm supposed to root against him... but man that was funny. And good baseball!

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