Wednesday, October 03, 2007


That sound you just heard was the collective gulping of Turner Sports executives who realized that the NLCS might just be the Colorado Rockies vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I mean to people like me who follow the games, it would be a great match up.

Two teams filled with young hungry players, most in their first postseason, having unlikely runs to the World Series.

Can you imagine a worse scenario to sell to casual baseball fans?
Are there a lot of transplanted Diamonbacks and Rockies fans out there?

If you have ever said the sentence "I've rooted for the Diamondbacks my whole life," then you are 10!

There are no second generation Rockie fans!

How old are the Cubs?
When they were formed the President was Grant!
Stalin wasn't even born yet.

Brigham Young was still alive!
That's right, Brigham young could have walked up to the box office and said "One Please", sat his ass down and had a brew with some Cubs fans!

And the Phillies have been around since the Chester A. Arthur administration.

How many transplanted Phoenix natives have you met?
How many times have you seen the Rockies on the road and see a tremendous amount of fans dressed in purple and black cheering them on?

It might be great baseball seeing Arizona and Colorado... but ratings wise, the sponsors might be happier with a Mama's Family marathon

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