Friday, October 05, 2007

I think Manny is still posing at homeplate

And I love that lunatic.

Some people will just never get why Manny is so awesome.
Some of the readers on my favorite Yankee Blog try to admonish me for being such a fan.

"He quit on the team... he's selfish... he takes himself out of big games... he's a whiner... he's a cancer... blah blah blah."

He's also hilarious.
He pees in the Green Monster, looks like Predator, wears his uniform like pajamas, makes easy catches look hard (like tonight in the 8th inning) sells his grill on line...

And oh yeah, if you walk Big Papi... you might let up a walk off homer that leaves the park completely.

And he does it in the postseason, which let's face it, is the only time of the year anyone remembers.

If that's a cancer, then I hope the Red Sox never get Chemo!

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