Sunday, October 21, 2007

No need to be magical... just medicore

OK Dice-K... you listen to me and listen good. (Someone please translate this for me!)

We all thought you were going to be a dominant ace.
Heck, I even equated you to Gandalf.

You don't have to be dominant... you don't even have to be great... or even good.
Just be medicore.

I'd take 6 innings 4 runs (a 5.00 ERA) and I think every Red Sox fan would too.
The bats are on fire and the bullpen is so deep that I think even Luis Tiant and Smokey Joe Wood can give the Sox an inning each.

Pitch a game good enough to win... and like J. D. Drew, nobody will remember your up and down regular season.

I know it is a weak rallying cry but it is good to have goals!

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