Thursday, October 25, 2007

I know this sounds insane but..

Tonight is a must win for the Red Sox.

Already people here at work think I am nuts for saying this, but the pressure of tonight's game is squarely on Boston and Schilling.

Hear me out.

The Red Sox gave the Rockies an ass whuppin' of historic preportions.
Granted. We all saw it.

But think about game 2. Let's say the Rockies win game 2.
Let's say Schilling is subpar like he was game 2 against Cleveland.

Or let's say Ubaldo Jiménez becomes the latest "unlikely World Series hero" with a solid game.

All of the above is possible.

Then what?
Then the Rockies would have to go into Denver on a high.
What team wouldn't want to go into Boston and split?
Especially on the heels of such a whuppin'.

They could say "Hey, we did what we needed to do!"
And then face Dice-K and Lester... in the thin air of Denver.

And spare me the "humidor has made it all even" theory. Yes, home runs don't fly out the way they used to during the Dante Bichette/Larry Walker/Andres Gallaraga years. But check out the splits of the Colorado hitters and you see their OPS and average are all much better... like 200 points better... in Denver.

And the Red Sox will be playing with either Lowell, Youk or Big Papi on the bench.
If they bench Lowell then you have Youk at third and Papi at first... globes would have sharper corners than that.

I'm saying... the pixie dust has settled on this Rockies team. The last thing you want them to do is feel confident right now.
Pressure is on Schilling.

Let's win this thing!

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  1. oh bollocks. Red Sox in four and you know it.