Friday, October 19, 2007


He flew down to Florida to basically enact the last scene of The Front.

"I don't recognize the right of this group of owners to treat me like this... and further more, you can go f--- yourself."

I almost expected during this madness that the Yankees let out white smoke if Torre was hired and black smoke if he was fired. But this is the way that he goes with dignity 100% intact.

Not fired, left on his own and making the Yankee brass (who will never find a manager to handle the players, media and boss in the way that Torre did) look like chumps.

He needs to do one more thing.
He needs to get Rudy's seat at the stadium... the one next to the dugout.
And he needs to sit there every home game.

And everytime the new manager screws up, sit there... shaking his head... mouthing the word "terrible!"

But he won't do that. He's got too much class.

But by turning this down we found out Joe can say... to quote Rodney in Ladybugs... "I've got a lot of balls!"

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