Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sorry folks... I've been working but now I'm back!

Both of my faithful readers have written to me wondering why I haven't posted the last few days.
Truth be told it HASN'T been because the Red Sox are on the verge of elimination.

In fact more humorous postings come from dispair than from joy.

Truth be told I have moved from the Bay Area to the Los Angeles area to work as a producer and writer on the new sports series "Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller."

It is a great new gig and it means I have to read sports and think up goofy stuff about sports... which I've been doing since the late 1970s.

Here's the difference: Now I'm getting PAID to do that!

It will be on the Versus Network, which unless you are a bullrider, cyclist or my hockey obsessed friend Ritch Duncan, than you have never heard of Versus.

It should be a fun gig... but I will not neglect you Sully Baseball readers.

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