Tuesday, October 09, 2007

FOX can't be happy

A week ago I tried to figure out what matchup Fox wanted for the World Series and ranked them by desirability.

Want the good news first, Fox?
The two worst match ups for getting national attention are thrown out.
No Rockies/Angels nor Diamondback/Angels World Series to contend with.

Now the bad news?
The 7 best ones are thrown out the window too.

A lot of the postseason juice would have revolved around "Are the Cubs going to do it?"

Now if "it" meant "not even show up and be out of the playoffs before the Wrigley fans got even buzzed" then yes... they did it.

And any hope to get Yankee haters and Yankee lovers all across the country glued? Nope. They are toast.

You have two old school AL franchises, although, the Major League movies not withstanding, the Indians don't have a national audience.

Fox had better hope the Rockies start building up some interest (although TBS putting the games on at 11PM eastern isn't helping matters.)

The third worst match up (Indians/Diamondbacks) is still in play!

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