Monday, October 22, 2007

Kenny Lofton... king of pain

FOX showed a stat last night about how Kenny Lofton was part of the 2002 Giants who collapsed to the Angels, the 2003 Cubs who coughed up the series to the Marlins, the 2004 Yankees who remain the only Major League team to drop a 3-0 series lead (I can't remember to whom) and now the 2007 Indians.

They missed another brutal collapse:
The 1999 Division Series where the Indians were up 2-0 to a weak Red Sox team that only had Pedro and Nomar... who were BOTH hurt for game 3.

Also he was part of the 1996 Indians team that had the best record in the American League and somehow lost to the Orioles in 4 games... and part of the 1997 Braves team that won 101 games and blew the NLCS to the Marlins.

Look at the back of his baseball card and you see he's been a vagabond since leaving Cleveland after the 2001 season (when the Indians blew a 2-1 division series lead to the Mariners.)

Heck, even DHL makes fun of his being kicked around in those ads (that oddly he doesn't appear in.)

He is the Johnny Appleseed of post season folds.
Looking for that first ring (which it is mind boggling that he hasn't been on a champion with all of those different teams) I am sure he will sign with a new team for next season... and that team will probably make the playoffs.

And I hope the players on that team are practicing their thousand yard stare and get ready to mutter "How did we let that get away?"...

And Lofton moves on to the next town.

William H. Macy in The Cooler had better karma.

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