Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some of you will just never get Manny

I've been getting a lot of e mails from Yankee friend fans as well as grief on my favorite Yankee blog for being such a Manny fan.

"He's classless! He's a punk! He's like the bully in the playground!"

First of all he's not the bully in the playground!
He's an idiot savant... possibly brain damaged... it's like Charly from Flowers from Algernon could hit .320 with 50 homers in a season.

But I hear that stuff all the time from people who don't root for him.
But now they are getting on his postseason performance.


You mean the post season where he is hitting .421 with 2 homers and 9 RBI in the ALCS. If you are more of an OPS guy, he has a .992 OPS for the ALCS.

This was after hitting .375 with 2 homers and 4 RBIs in the Division series including a walk off and had a 1.740 OPS versus the Angels.

"What about that play when he was just standing at first base after thinking it was a home run?"

That play you are referring to?
You mean the game winning hit in a potential elimination game?

I got heat for saying this before...
But Manny is HILARIOUS

He is the cross between Gilligan and Joe DiMaggio.

Yeah while it is happening, you gulp.
And then you see the team win... because of Manny... and you hit him with a hat the way the Skipper hit Gilligan with his hat.

If he acts like a self centered lunatic...
and has an OPS approaching 1.000 after 6 games...
than I don't want him to change a THING!

"What about the interview where he said Who cares? It's not the end of the world if they lose?"

Oh, you want him to play with wreckless intensity? Like the Yankees did? How did that work out?

I hope his next interview he says "Are we even still in the playoffs? I didn't realize that" and wears a uniform 10 sizes too big and is caught reading an Archie and Jughead comic book in left field... while going 3-4 with a HR and 2 RBI.

"How do you find his behavior acceptable?"

Acceptable? They are the most fun to happen all October.

(Or as Dane Cook would say Oct-TO-ber.)

How did the face of Red Sox nation become Dane Cook? It makes me long for Ben Affleck

"I wouldn't want him on MY team! (In this case it was referring to the Yankees)"

Really? Are you HONESTLY saying you wouldn't trade Manny's 2007 post season for ANY Yankee's performance (Jeter? A-Rod? Posada? Matsui? Giambi?) and the only downside is he might be brain damaged?

Yankee fans would LOVE Manny if he was doing this for the Yankees in the post season!

When David Wells was pulling his stuff but winning ballgames he was beloved.

And I don't recall Manny giving up on his team in the postseason the way Wells did in 2002 and 2003

And Manny isn't kicking, cursing, charging the mound, tearing the place apart or throwing bats at Mike Piazza...

Seriously... if I said one single Yankee could put up his numbers in the clutch this post season in exchange for him acting like a retarded M.C. Hammer, you wouldn't say "OK fine."

"You just don't get it, Sully!"

I guess you are right
I don't get it.

I want my players to play great baseball, put up big numbers, hit in the clutch and be entertaining.

I guess somewhere I missed the point

Oh well. It's MY loss

Do you have any idea how fun it is to root for a potentially insane Man Child while he is hitting playoff home runs with Predator's hairstyle and a uniform that makes him look like the batboy in The Natural?

Trust me... it's fun.
Manny being a nut is a small price to pay (if it is a price at all)

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