Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stay calm... there is no need to panic

Seriously... everyone chill.

Yeah we're down 3-1.
We need to win 3 in a row or we're DEAD!

Where have I heard this before with the Red Sox?

Oh yeah... 1986.
Down 3-1 to the Angels. What happened?
Dave Henderson's homer happened... and suddenly the Red Sox were on fire and the Angels were a mess. Sox win the pennant and go on to unspeakable misery in the World Series against New York.

What about 1999?
Down 2-0 in the best of 5 series. Pedro is hurt. Nomar has to sit out. The team is dead... then Valentin homers in a 6 run 7th inning and the Sox win game 3. Then the Sox scored 23 runs (23!) in game 4... and then the final game 5 was an out of control slugfest until Pedro Martinez came back, threw 6 no hit innings and Troy O'Leary of all people hit two homers driving in 7.

Sox win... and lose the ALCS to New York.

How about 2003?
Down 0-2 and during my wedding... Trot Nixon homers in extra innings to give the Sox a game 3 win. Big Papi has his first Big Papi moment against then A's pitcher Keith Foulke and wins game 4... and then the Sox win a wild game 5 in one of the most underratred do or die games in the Wild Card era.

Sox win... and lose the ALCS to New York.

And you know 2004.
Down 3-0 and Rivera on the mound the Red Sox put on a surreal comeback complete with stolen bases, Rivera blown saves, Papi's walk off homers and walk off bloop singles, ground rule doubles that prevent runs, Wakefield's knuckler, Schilling's sock, A-Rod's slap, Bellhorn's newly found power, Lowe's newly found dominance and Damon saving the best for last.

Sox win... and with no New York teams left, win the World Series.

And now 2007.
Beckett pitching.

Are you seriously telling me that all good sports karma is in CLEVELAND now?

One win at a time... we've been here done that!

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