Saturday, August 06, 2011

Forget winning the Division... will the Pirates win another GAME?

Look, the Pirates winning the NL Central was always a bit of a long shot. Even on July 19th when they were in first place by themselves, the chances of them holding on to that lead were slim.

But even the most realistic Pirate fan would have had a hard time imagining this fiasco.

They've lost 10 of their past 11 games. Yeah that included some tight games, including the 19 inning fiasco. But they've only one once since then.

And win loss records don't reflect close games. Just wins and losses.

Since they went on this brutal stretch against the Cardinals, Braves and Phillies, the home series against the lowly Cubs and Padres were supposed to be a chance to catch their breath and pick up a few wins before heading to San Francisco.

Well they were swept by the Cubs and are in danger of being swept by the Padres.

Pirates... you NEED to get back on track. A lot of positives have been achieved this year. Fans have shown up. There was excitement for a bit and even some optimism.

But guess what? The Steelers are practicing now. You know, the team that made it to the SUPER BOWL last year. The team that won the Damn Super Bowl a few years ago and a few years before that!

You have Pittsburgh's attention but PNC Park could be empty in September unless you start putting some W's on the board.

The Bucs are 4 games under .500 now.
They have 50 games left.

In order to go 82-80, a winning season to get the whole "longest streak of losing seasons in North American History" crap off their backs, they need to go 28-22 the rest of the way.

Not asking for the moon.
It starts tomorrow.
It's the freaking Padres.

Win a game.
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