Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Giants just won't make this easy...

Seriously Giants. You can't win a 4 game series AT HOME against the Worst Team In Baseball?

8 runs in 37 2/3 innings?

This was the time the Giants should have been piling up wins and getting ready for next weekend's showdown against the Diamondbacks.

The Giants had 7 games against the team that will end up being the worst in Astros history, and lost 4 of them!

Yeah I know they were down by 6 games to the Padres last year at this time.
Yeah I know THAT team had more experience than this current Arizona team.
Yeah I know the Giants are the defending World Champs.

Does that mean they have to do it the hard way?
Are we REALLY going to watch the Giants play golf in October while the Diamondbacks get thumped by the Phillies?

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  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Long-time Giants fan here - yeah, very unhappy. Not making excuses, but it's frustrating how many of our players are injured. I hear we're #2 in the majors for placing players on DL. Much of last two weeks was played without Romo and Wilson, so our bullpen was taxed. Had to call up Surkamp last minute from minors since JSanchez is still hurt. I think it all of this affects the team's mental state. ARGH.

  2. Let the Dbacks get swept by the Phillies or Braves. Get our guys back next year and add more offense, here is to 2012!