Sunday, August 14, 2011

I hope a contender signs Wes Helms

Call me a sentimental old fluff, but a contender should pick up the recently released Wes Helms. The former Marlin third baseman doesn't have much in the tank. After 69 games this year, he has any many homers as me. (That would be zero.)

He has no power, his on base skills are non existent and he is under the Mendoza line.

I still don't get OPS+, but I am sure that 42 isn't good.

But he has put in 11+ years in the big leagues. He was an Atlanta Brave for years but missed their World Series runs. He was a Phillie and played in the 2007 playoffs but was a Marlin when the Phillies went to back to back World Series.

He's one of those veterans who has been a nice but not great player for a decade. His career is probably not going to continue in 2012.

But he is also someone who would truly cherish a pennant drive. And you can't tell me that a veteran like Helms on the bench would HURT!

Every year there is a guy who plays in the post season who gets a garbage time pinch hit at bat or fills in defensively in a blow out that makes me say "Oh man, I forgot he was still cashing a check!"

And every once in a while that player gets to have that elusive ring.
Did you remember Ken Phelps was on the 1989 A's?
Or Geoff Jenkins on the 2008 Phillies?
Or Todd Hollandsworth on the 2003 Marlins?

Or sometimes that veteran can just be a nice piece to the clubhouse even if they are not active. Royce Clayton "I didn't get my Taco!" rant was the most memorable part of the 2007 World Series and he didn't even play!

So come on, contenders. Open your roster. You get to give your third baseman a day off and a nice veteran player can play for one last burst of glory.

Sign Wes Helms.
You'll thank me later.

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