Monday, August 01, 2011

Why is Jose Reyes still a Met?

Seriously. What the hell?

Do the Mets think they have a shot at the Wild Card? If so, why did they deal Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran?

They are in rebuilding mode... then REBUILD!

They got a quality chip in exchange for Beltran. Imagine what they could have snagged from the Cardinals for Reyes. From the Angels. From ANY team that needs a spark in the shortstop position.

(I thought the Giants should have packaged for Beltran AND Reyes.)

They could have at least 2 players who if they aren't big leagues ready now, they will be by 2012 or 2013.

And THEN when Reyes hit the open market, out bid everyone for him there. You could even say to him before the trade "No matter what happens this year, nobody is going to out bid us." Wink wink.

They get the prospects AND they get Reyes for next year.

And yet here he is. Still with the Mets. I give the Mets tons of credit for keeping their nose above .500 and if they have a winning season, then color me impressed. There is NO WAY they are passing Atlanta or Philadelphia this year.

But they COULD be building a team for when Philadelphia's age catches up to them (which could be in a year or 2.)

Reyes, Wright and Wheeler would be on that team. But for the love of Sid Fernandez, so could have a few other players!

Someone help me. Someone explain it to me.
I'm at a loss.

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  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Mets were smart not to deal Reyes and Wright. The Mets know they're not competing this season, but this helps a lot for next season. They already had a good group of young players before Wheeler in Duda, Davis, Murphy, Pagan, Thole who are all major reaasons why the Mets are above .500, the Mets are one of the NL's most offensive teams without Davis since Mid-May, plus with Madoff's finacial issues likely not to effect their finacnes, the Mets can afford and will resign Jose Reyes.

  2. You really think with all the Madoff shit going on with the Wilpons, the Mets are in a financial position to outbid anyone for anything? Hell, they couldn't keep Heymann All-Beef Sweet Italian Sausages concession if St. Louis bid for it right now.