Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Ken Phelps

He was a good solid power hitter on those fun if not very good mid 1980s Mariners teams along side Alvin Davis, Harold Reynolds and Jim Presley.

He was a left handed home run hitter who several times posted an OPS over .900 (although nobody knew that then.)

Later as a member of 1989 Oakland A's was a pinch hitter and played in the World Series and got a ring.

Of course he is best remembered for being part of an ill fated Lost Dynasty of the 1980s trade sending Jay Buhner to Seattle.

The Yankees had three outfielders, a first baseman and a DH. There was no place for Phelps to play. And the trade was a head scratcher from the beginning.

And it inspired one of Frank Costanza's greatest rants.

Happy birthday Mr. Phelps. I hope you enjoyed your decade in the majors and your World Series ring.

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