Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Angel and a Panda bring the Giants above water

The Giants were about to dip below .500 again, but Angel Pagan smashed a 3 run homer to give the Giants the win today.

 That 1-4 start is further and further in the rear view mirror.

The team that has already withstood an opening 3 game sweep by the Diamondbacks (all one run losses) Lincecum's crappy start, Bryan Wilson's season ending injury, a defensive meltdown against the Mets and Aubrey Huff's anxiety disorder that has put him on the disabled list.

Throw in the Dodgers great start and we could have been looking at an awful start to the Giants year.

Yet here we sit. The team is above .500 (and 9-5 since the awful 17-8 beating in Colorado).

Guess what? They are hitting too. Buster Posey is batting .362 and Pablo Sandoval has a 19 game hitting streak. Plus pick ups Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan seem to fit the team perfectly.

Is it just me or should the rest of the west be nervous?

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  1. in my opinion I think that Angel and a Panda make a good pair, they are very good players and they complement each other