Friday, April 27, 2012

The Pineda Time Line


 There is a lot to write about the Michael Pineda and Jesus Montero trade. 
I wrote back in January that it would take a few years before we can completely judge the trade either way.

But if a trade can be evaluated short term, it is obviously a disaster for the Yankees. 
There's no other way to say it. He was brought in to be a young solid arm in the rotation and make the Yankees not rely on old veterans.

He's going to play Sudoku all year and won't pitch and the Yankees are waiting for Andy Pettitte. That's a failure.

Now Cashman's many defenders are acting like this injury is just a piece of bad luck. What are the chances that a solid young arm could get injured while under contract with the Yankees? (Let's ask Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Chein Ming Wang.)

With almost zero research, I noted that Pineda had a lousy second half last year. That was a red flag for me. 

But ignoring that, and saying that he was worth the Yankees best trade chip, there still is something odd about the time line.

The trade was made in January and supposedly he had a medical exam.
In February he showed up to spring training looking like Professor Sherman Klump.
In March his fast ball wouldn't have gotten a ticket. He went on the disabled list.
In April his season was over and who knows what the Yankees will get in 2013.

So if Cashman is correct and he checked out in January, then his body collapsed over two months and Pineda evidently hit the all you can eat at Sizzler often.

What is worse?
The Yankees sending their best trade chip for a broken down pitcher or bringing in a healthy pitcher and having him break down in 2 months on your watch.

It's a riddle. 
And Pineda has time to ponder it.

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