Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Marlins scultpure is uglier than I imagined

Look at that?

How could that possibly look worse?

I thought it was going to look bad. But that looks like it is part of a board game.

Oh man I am going to LOVE this ugly new stadium!

I picked the Marlins to win the World Series.

And man, they are doing it with unique style!

But I talked about that last fall.

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  1. Someone who gets it... a 7th inning congo line would be fabulous and appropriate. Well done, Sully.

  2. Mad Dog9:50 AM

    It's kind of charming that in this this hyper-corporate, offend-no-one age, a decision this wonderfully misbegotten can still happen. Viva Miami!

  3. Fantastic-- Makes the Giant's 'Rusty' look like a brilliant idea.

  4. haha do not be that bad buddy, I think it is nice, but it has many strong colors, it seems that it was made for kids