Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's dawn (except for the Mariners, A's, Cardinals and Marlins)

Opening Day... where all teams are tied.

Except for the teams that already played... including the two teams that played a week ago in Asia when everyone was asleep.

OK, that is nitpicking.

Personally I don't think the Red Sox are making the playoffs.
And today they are playing the Tigers who should win the Central by 10 or 15 games.

Today they are equal.
Along with every other team... except those teams.

(I really hope they got SOMETHING out of starting the season in Japan, because it is taking a lot of the sappy romance out of opening day!)


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  1. I was awake for the games in Japan and watched them - but after watching those games I was in regular season mode - to go from regular season to exhibition back to regular season mode is stupid. I imagine the A's and M's got a lot of money from MLB for agreeing to make the trip. I also don't like that the Cardinals and Marlins played a regular season game while all these exhibitions were being played the same day. The Cardinals and Marlins only playing one game against each other to start the season is also a joke. But yes, I agree, PLAY BALL!

  2. You are probably already aware of this, but Cincinnati is the place to be if you want to celebrate opening day in a really big way. I lived there briefly and was working in a restaurant, when all of my co-workers started talking about getting ready for "opening day." When I asked what they were talking about they looked at me like I was some kind of half-wit. The entire town turns out for opening day, the kids are out of school, there's a parade--everybody goes ga ga for baseball. And my Cincinnati co-workers had absolutely NO IDEA that this is not the norm in every American city.

  3. wow that is a very beautiful picture and it reminds me the time when I lived in the coast, I loved to see at the sunset and I never got bored of it

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