Friday, April 13, 2012

Thumbs up for Beckett

I didn't see THIS coming! And man I love to be wrong on predictions like this.

Seriously, after his first rotten start and his thumb issues (and the Red Sox stumbles) and the arrival of the Rays, I thought today was a slam dunk loss!

Come on. Lousy Beckett versus David Price?
But nope.
Not only did they win, but Beckett was a whole lot of awesome.

I love THIS Beckett.
Now I am not going all crazy thinking the Red Sox are suddenly a playoff team.

But man, if there is an "All You Can Eat Crow Buffet" I would LOVE to visit, it is the "Josh Beckett is done" prediction.

Come on Beckett!
Don't have this be a fluke.

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