Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm happy for the Red Sox... but let's not go crazy

It is great that the Red Sox are winning.
As Nuke LaLoosh said, "I love winning. It's better than losing."
And I like games where the offense goes nuts and pitchers like Felix Doubront and Daniel Bard look solid.

They SHOULD beat the Twins and White Sox and they did, taking the wind out of Phillip Humber and his desire to no hit in back to back games.

The Red Sox haven't lost since the massacre in Fenway (which coincidentally happened the same day as Humber's el pefecto.)

But as good as this feels, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The Red Sox are beating bad teams. The Red Sox aren't a bad team. They are a mediocre team. Which means they will go on bad losing streaks and good winning streaks.

Let's have fun this year, Red Sox fans. Let's not get too high and too low. With no realistic World Series hopes this year, let's enjoy it day to day. A good win is a good win. No need to check magic numbers or the loss columns.

These wins are a good thing... just not a great thing.

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