Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mark Melancon has a 49.50 ERA

Have that sink in for a bit.
I don't care how early in the season it is. That is horrific. And here's the really disturbing thing.
He started the day with a 22.50 ERA.

He now has to throw some zeros on the scoreboard to bring it DOWN to 22.50.

The Red Sox have played 11 games. They have lost 7 games. Melancon was the losing pitcher in 2 of those games.

He didn't get the loss today. He just faced 6 batters. He retired none of them. He walked 2 and let up 4 hits, three of them homers.

0 IP 4 H 2 BB 3 HR 6 R 6 ER

Possibly the worst line you will ever see.


Remember when there was some good will in Fenway after those 3 straight wins?
Me neither.

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  1. Mark Melancon had some bad seasons years ago I remember, but it seems that now he has improved a lot, good for him