Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Padres legends Fernando Valenzuela and Rickey Henderson

Isn't this picture odd? That's Fernando Valenzuela and Rickey Henderson celebrating the 1996 National League West title.

Where is this celebration taking place?
At Dodger Stadium. That's right, the place where Fernando is still an ido.
And here he is screaming with happiness because his team BEAT the Dodgers.

Didn't it seem like Fernando spent his whole career in LA?
Evidently he didn't. Nor did he end his career as a Dodger.

But Rickey Henderson did!

This reminds me of my "He played in the postseason with WHAT team?" roster I wrote a few years ago.

I know intellectually that  Fernando and Rickey played for San Diego.
It just looks odd seeing them HAPPY about it.

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  1. haha those legends seem to be having a lot of fun, and they deserve it after giving all they gave in the baseball field