Thursday, April 05, 2012

Get your Red Hot Santana's here!

Through 5 innings, Johan Santana looks damn good and might have come all the way back from his season ending injuries from 2011.

If he is even a SHELL of his former self, the Mets should showcase him and say "Hey Baseball World! We have a left hander with multiple Cy Youngs. You want him?"

The Mets are not making the playoffs.
The Mets are not a .500 team.
The Mets are going to have a long season.
The Mets need to rebuild. (I've said that already.)

The Mets need lots of pieces and they won't be a pennant contender this year or next.
Santana is making big money but is only guaranteed for this year and next (with an option for 2014 that can be turned down.) So it isn't a long term albatross for a club.

The Mets can fill at least one hole (maybe 2) long term the way that dealing Carlos Beltran yielded Zack Wheeler.

The sooner the Mets come to grips with the fact that they aren't winning this year, the sooner they will put together a terrific team.

A potential #1 starter is a hell of a trade chip.
(Even better than a batting champ in his prime like Reyes).


When the Mets win the pennant in 5 years, fans will point to the great moves made in 2012.
It will be worth it!

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