Saturday, April 07, 2012

As of this writing, the Yankees bullpen is as bad as the Red Sox's pen

The calendar says it is early April 2012.
But it sure looks like the end of the 2011 season!

The Red Sox lose on a walk off hit and the Yankees get stunned by a come from behind Tampa rally.

The only difference is the Yankees had already clinched on that fateful day last year and Mariano Rivera didn't pitch.

Today, the Rays roughed up both CC Sabathia and Mariano Rivera.
Yeah, I know. It is early.

But guess what? If the Yankees finish one game behind the Rays and are forced to play in the one game Wild Card round, they can look back to opening day and say "Man, we could have used that game."

And... stats don't lie... both the Red Sox and Yankees bullpen coughed up a game in the 9th.

At this point, the two teams are equal.

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