Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stephen Strasburg or Gollum?

I saw this picture of Strasburg beating the once mighty Mets today.
And I'm sorry... the resemblance is there.

The ears. The big bugged out eyes. The strange chin.

Washington better hope he has Gollum's passion to win a ring but is a little more focused and controlled about the whole thing.

(Then again, in the end, Gollum DID get it... granted he fell into a volcano while he got it, but you can say Mission Accomplished.)

If he says "My Precioussssss" during an interview, I'm freaking out.

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  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    This is exactly what I said! Now I see I was not the only one seeing Gollum in Steven. Thanks for the side-by-side pics. I like Steven and feel he is the greatest pitcher to make it in a very long time, but he still looks like Gollum---well a little better looking of course.

  2. hahahaha comparing Stephen Strasburg to Gollum is a little bit cruel i my opinion, but on the other hand, it is way too funny too hahaha

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