Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The irony of Rick Ankiel's throw from right field

Nats right fielder Rick Ankiel threw a laser beam to home plate in last night's game that got the stadium and announcers buzzing.

The clip can be seen here.

The radio and TV announcers kept repeating with utter surprise that "Ankiel threw a strike from right field."

And it was indeed a strike to the catcher.

The great irony is he can throw a strike from the outfield, but it was his inability to throw a strike from the mound in the 2000 playoffs that ended his pitching career.

Maybe LaRussa should have had him pitch to the Braves that year from right field.

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  1. haha what a coincidence, last night I was thinking about the irony of Rick Ankiel's throw and it seems that you and I have the same insights about it!