Sunday, April 22, 2012

Red Sox... forfeit the game and play an Old Timers Game

I'm dead serious.
The Red Sox are going to lose tonight. We all know it. And it is going to be the ESPN Game and whatever insane Sox fans actually show up to Fenway after last night's debacle are going to arrive depressed.

So why not do something cool?
Say "Yankees... you have the win. We're going to do something actually enjoyable for the fans."

Split them alumni into two teams: Team Pesky and Team Doerr.

And have the made up of players from every era. The '67 Impossible Dream... the '75, '86 and Morgan Magic Crew. The 99 team and the '04 Champs... they play a scrimmage with the fans cheering them on.

Maybe even have a Home Run Derby. Canseco and Mo Vaughn are there for God's sake.

Look me in the eye and say you'd rather watch the current Red Sox team lose than that game!
I bet ESPN would rather air that too.

Just do it.
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