Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wes Hofmann makes my favorite Guillen point yet

Great comic, A's fanatic and friend of Sully Baseball Wes Hofmann commented on my Guillen post "Good thing Cespedes signed with the A's."

I hadn't thought of that.
Cuban defector and potential star slugger Yeonis C├ęspedes was expected to sign with the Marlins because it was so close to Cuba.

But as NBC Bay Area pointed out, one of the reasons he signed with the far away A's was that it WASN'T close to Cuba.

Instead of making his big league debut a raft ride from Castro, he made it in TOKYO!

It would have been a move to capture the Cuban fans of Miami to sign Yeonis C├ęspedes.
Instead the Marlins are scrambling to win the fans back.

Either way, I like how you think, Wes.

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