Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I don't understand. What is this "Red Sox win" you speak of

The Red Sox were losing in the 9th. And then they scored some runs and weren't losing. And somehow the Blue Jays DIDN'T score more runs in the 9th.

Then the game ended.
And the Red Sox had more runs. And the Red Sox shook hands afterwards. And almost looked happy.

It is so confusing.
It is like the time space continuum has been ripped.

I realize that I didn't even update the Dodged Bullet/Teeth Grinder tally after the Tigers massacre on Sunday. Three games in, I was already thinking "Oh man, why bother?" But here we are with a Dodged Bullet win.

So I guess I SHOULD update it. Until they get eliminated I guess.

April 9 - 4-2 win in Toronto. (A day after blowing leads in the 9th and 11th, the Sox win their first game of the year with a 3 run 9th inning rally capped off by Ryan Sweeney's 2 out go ahead RBI single)

April 5 - 3-2 loss in Detroit. (The Red Sox rally to tie the season opener with 2 outs in the 9th only to lose on a bases loaded walk off single by Austin Jackson.)
April 8 - 13-12 loss in Detroit. (The Red Sox bullpen surrender a 3 run game tying homer in the 9th to Cabrera and Avila smacked a 2 run, 2 out walk off come from behind homer to win it in as brutal a loss as you will ever see.

Hey, the Sox are going to win some and lose some.
I still don't think they'll be playing in October.
BUT at least now they won't go 0-162!

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  1. Between the Red Sox and the Giants I'm so confused how this season has gotten started. Just makes me love this game even more because you just can't predict it!

  2. the red sox & the giants so confused And they scored some runs and weren't losing.Shoe Bags