Saturday, April 07, 2012

Blue Jays and Indians are the best value in baseball!

Seriously. What better bang for your buck can you get in these lean economic times than the Blue Jays and the Blue Jays?

Think about it. If you bought tickets for the first two games in Cleveland, what will you expect?
18 innings of baseball, right?

Well you nearly got 18 innings in game 1 during the 16 inning opening day Marathon.
It was complete with great pitching, blown saves and some drama.

So all you would be entitled to in Game 2 would essentially be 2 innings.
But guess what?
More great pitching. Both bullpens wet the bed in the 9th and the game went into the 12th.

So Cleveland fans got 28 innings for the price of 18!
That's 10 free innings!
A whole extra game PLUS 1 inning!

That's a deal!
Now granted, both games sent Cleveland fans home sad.

Well, you know those deals always come with a catch.

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