Monday, April 23, 2012

Nope... you aren't winning me back this quickly

Oh, I am HAPPY the Red Sox won. I love that Cody Ross hit two big homers. I love that the Red Sox bats picked up Jon Lester.

And oh yeah... seeing Daniel Bard in the bullpen WHERE HE BELONGS was great.
Plus seeing Alfredo Aceves get an out (let alone a save) was nice.

This is what the Red Sox SHOULD be doing. Beating a team like the Twins is what you need to do to get back to .500.

But nope.
I am NOT going to call this a Dodged Bullet.
I am NOT going to say "They are back!"
I am NOT going to say "The Sox are going to contend."

I stand by what I said.
Until further notice, the Red Sox are NOT contenders.

So I am happy... I am glad they won. I am always happy when the Red Sox win.
And when they win, it will be a lot of fun.

But I have no images of playoffs dancing in my head.

This is STILL a mediocre team. Mediocre teams win from time to time... like tonight.

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